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May 03, 2006 at 10:32 PM

Vendor Master Extension in SRM



I am working on Vendor master table enhancement in SRM 4.0. I have added a new field in the master table using transaction EEWB. The new field is created successfully and can be seen in table BUT000.

Using badi BBP_BUPA_GET_CUF I am showing this field on SRM transaction BBPMAININT and is getting maintained correctly from there.

It is not getting maintained when I am replicating vendors in SRM from R/3 i.e. transaction BBPGETVD. For this I have implemented badi BBP_MAP_VMDATA_CF in backend R/3 system and badi BBP_GET_VMDATA_CF on SRM side. In the debug mode I can see that the data mapped in R/3 is coming correctly in SRM badi. In this BADI I am using Function Module ZZG00_BUPA_EVENT_DSAVB generated during EEWB transaction. But this FM is not storing any value in the tables. Badi help doc says for single field creation using EEWB, a FM ZZG01_BUPA_API_DETAIL_ADD gets generated and by passing Partner No and new fields Value (captured from R/3) the field can be populated. But in actual such FM is not generated and above mentioned FM (ZZG00_BUPA_EVENT_DSAVB) does not have any importing or exporting values. Is this caz of EEWC configuration? Or is there any other way by which I can achieve this.

Please do update if any one have ever worked on such requirement before.

Thanks in advance.