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May 21 at 06:40 PM

Stopping generation of new Equipment master


Hello Team,

Could you please guide me how to stop creating new equipment master if we are using same serial number with another material.

My client has production Order where they peform goods issue (MIGO>MVT > 261) for serialized semi finished material (692XXXX) and process GR for finished goods (999XXXX) with issued SN from semi finished material

Lets say material number Equipment Number Serial Number


As soon we process the GI for semi finished material Serial Number 6XXXX status change to AVLB from ESTO, it means we can use same Serial 6XXXX with new Material Number

GR need to be done using same SN 6XXXX with finished material (999XXXX) but during inheriting SN with finished goods we dont want to create new Equipment master .

Is there any statdard SAP solution, if not can i find any UserExit