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May 25 at 08:56 AM

Timepoint when obligatory check of survey happens in a ticket C4C


Hi experts,

is it possible with any workaround to move forward the timepoint, when the check for completion of obligatory survey in the ticket happens?

In the standard the error message, if an obligatory survey is not completed, appears when trying to close the ticket. But this is too late for our business scenario.

We would like to check, if obligatory surveys are filled at an earlier timepoint. For example when setting the ticket to "in process" status. The survey contains some points, that needs to be clarified with the customer in order to process it by the second level support. Therefore the first level support should ask these questions and confirm / summarize the results in the survey. Then after creating the ticket and collect first information the ticket processor changes. This timepoint is relevant for us. Therefore, at this timepoint the obligatory survey has to be filled out.

Any tips? Any workaround solution ideas?

Thanks so much in advance.

Best regards,