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May 23 at 02:13 AM

Test the Services of my CAPm App. in my SAP BTP Trial account from Postman



I am working on a project based on SAP CAP and SAP HANA database in (temporarily) my SAP BTP trial account.

My application is based on the SAP Cloud Application Programming model, with the respective database (db), services (srv), and web (app) modules.

For the db module, I have already managed to deploy the artifacts (tables, views, store procedures, etc.) to my Database in BTP. For the srv module, I have already managed to start it and test some endpoints of my services from the browser.

However, I want to be able to test those services from a REST client on my laptop, like Postman. This is where my doubts arise because I really don't know where to start.

I would like some documentation to give me some guidance on this process. I don't even know what the base URL is to test my endpoints.

What have I managed to do so far?

I tried to use the URL of the page that opens automatically (in another tab) when the services are started (npm start command), but I receive an Authorization Error (code 401).

I configured the User Authentication and Authorization Service in my SAP BTP Trial account and generated an access token, but I still receive the same message (code 401) in Postman.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestions regarding this issue.