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May 21 at 07:00 PM

How to know the item pressed in a rule after onPress event

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Hi experts, I generate dinamically a page with a sectioned table and several sections where each section has a static object table and each has several static object cell. All ObjectCell call same rule at OnPress event.

In this rule, I need to know the item was pressed. I see the rule receives the SectionedTableProxy object and I don't see how to get some information about the item pressed. I don't really need to know the item but the object table or section so I would need the property "Name" of the ObjectTable, or the index of the ObjectCell control or the index of the section where the ObjectCell was pressed ...

I wouldn't like to create a rule for each ObjectTable due to I don't really know how many there will be and they could be hundreds.


Please any idea.



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