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May 22 at 08:18 AM



Hi Expert,

I have a scenario where a vehicle manufacture company build vehicles, but for tires and rim it has a subcontracting process. This company doesn’t manufacture tires or rims. Instead it creates three POs one for the vendor who manufacture the rubber tires and request let say 40 tires for ten vehicles and asked the tire manufacture to deliver these tires to my subcontractor by selecting the Subcontracting Supplier (SC) box and providing the subcontracting vendor # on delivery address tab. The second PO is also created to the rim manufacture for 40 quantities rims with the same requirement by select the SC box and providing subcon #.

Now these two vendors will deliver the product to the subcon vendor and will invoice to the vehicle company. The Vehicle Company is creating a third PO which is a subcontracting PO with item category L and providing the components 40 tire and 40 rims. These three POs were created manually. My question is that. IS there any way we can create these POs via MRP run. PR first than POs? Please explain if this is possible via planning run. If Yes how.

Thanks and Regards