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May 21 at 03:37 PM

HANA Studio User - Similar to SYSTEM User


Dear Experts,

We created a new user(IWSYSTEM) in HANA for Accessing B1 Company databases, we assigned the the Object privilege's for the specific user and the was able to access the B1 Company databases only assigned to that user.

If any new B1 Company databases has been Created/ or a old DB restored, the new user IWSYSTEM is unable to access the created/restored B1 database.

In order to access that, we need to login with SYSTEM User and assign the object privilege for the B1 Schema (Company database) for the user IWSYSTEM, then only the new user IWSYSTEM is able to access.

Is it possible to assign any superuser privilege to the HANA user, so that whenever a new B1 Schema is restored the new user(IWSYSTEM) should also have access to it.

Basically our idea is not to use SYSTEM user, instead create a mirror access for SYSTEM User and use it for our purpose.

Kindly advise how to apply necessary privileges.