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May 03, 2006 at 05:57 PM

Transport Problems with Spokes that have BADIs


What is the proper way to transport an infospoke that has a transformation?

Here is my problem. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Situation -

1) I have an infospoke that has a BADI transformation.

2) I add two new infoobjects to the definition

3) I active and run the spoke.

First Problem - The new fields dont show up on the open hub table until I go back and add them manually to the target structure of the Transformation. However the only development class I can assign to the Target Structure after the changes are made is $TMP - Temporary Objects (never transported)

4) Now I release the transport of the spoke. However the transport fails when its sent to the target system because the target structure is not included.

Is this the way its supposed to work or am I doing something terribly wrong?