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May 03, 2006 at 05:50 PM

Issue while writing code in transformation for 0FISCYEAR


Hi all,

I am mapping 0FISCYEAR to 0FISCPER so that the data for fisyear can be populated based on 0FISCPER. Right now the value that i have in 0FISCPER is 2006012 and the value getting populated in 0FISCYEAR is 6012 rather than "2006". So I tried writing a routine in transofrmation

Result = Source_fileds-FISCPER(4)

and then when I check it through the display generated program by putting break points I can see that the code is working fine and giving desired results (2006). But just after the routine is done then it goes thorugh what it calls

Step ID: '2' Type: 'Time'

currrule-stepid = '2'.


ENDIF. "suppressed RULE

and there the FISCYEAR is reverted back to original (6012).

How can i skip that step of step id 2 where its overwriting the routine,

If any has gone through this please suggest something.

thanks a lot,