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May 21, 2021 at 05:20 AM

Business Partner Error - Enter a value for field LANGU


Dear Experts,

I'm receiving an error message in the Message Dashboard for few customers that are replicated from C4C to SAP Marketing Cloud via SOAP: "Enter a value for field LANGU".

As per my knowledge this is the LANGU field of table ADRC. So as per my understanding it should be okay if the Language for the customer is maintained in C4C. As you can see, it is.

In the payload of the SOAP message that is delivered to MC I think it is the field "CorrespondenceLanguageCode". Am I right?

Does anybody have an idea where this error originates from? Am I looking at the wrong field?

As said, it is really only a few customers. I also compared the payload with another customer that is replicated without any errors and I was not able to see any difference between them (not in UI and not in the payload).

BR Tobias


error-langu.png (14.3 kB)