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May 20 at 07:56 PM

Inconsistency in GL status


Hello SAP Experts,

Our business user is facing some issues, related with GL status, we are not seeing 3 symbols.



Solid Greens,

We should have only two status in Line Items, Red and Green tick.

Actually one of business user migrated the GL data to one company code and by mistake User executed the Open Item Management wrongly. Now are facing this issues.

I have execute the following steps.

  • 1-Safe the GL Data to Excel from FAGLL03 for OIM.
  • 2-Go To FS00 and on Control Tab Select Display Item and Sort Key
  • 3-Lock the GL Account First.
  • 4-SE38- RFSEPA01 for Switch on Line Item Display. Safe the list provided by SAP Program.
  • 5-Then Unlock the GL Account
  • 6-Execute: FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP
  • 7-Execute first in Test Mode and the removed the Test check and activate.
  • 8-Execute the Program in Background Mode.
  • 9-Then Go to FS00 and make sure Open Item Management is turn on.

but this still not correct, we have few GL account which have the inconsistencies in GL Account.

Please I need the Expert help. Please let me know, how to resolve the consistencies.

If tI cna get some updates or feedback how to resolve those issues.