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May 20 at 01:30 PM

Weight group based pick/pack time didn't consider at the sales order line level.


Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to determine the delivery dates in the sales order lines based on below criteria,

  • Route
  • Weight Group

However we have set up below weight groups in the system currently (via OVS8)

Weight Group UOM Sequence No Total Weight

WD01 (Up to 2500kg) KG 20 2,500.000

WD02 (Up to 10000kg) KG 21 10,000.000

WD03 (Greater 10000kg) KG 22 50,000.000

Note - The sequence number doesn't overlap with any other weight groups and those are unique to above groups.

Furthermore we have setup the pick/pack times based on routes and weight groups as below (from Sales & Distribution >> Basic Functions >> Delivery Scheduling & Transportation Scheduling >> Maintain Duration)

Shipping point Route Weight Group Pick/Pack hours (8hrs = 1day)

3200 ZTMS20 WD01 00:00

3200 ZTMS20 WD02 8:00

3200 ZTMS20 WD03 16:00

(Note - the ZTMS00 route doesn't have a transit time)

Our issue occurs when we create a sales order from the above shipping point for the second weight group (i.e. WD02) weight range because it didn't consider at the sales order lines. We noticed only the 1st & 3rd weight groups have worked but only the second one didn't capture the one day time and added to the delivery date. Any idea how we can use all of these weight groups at the sales order line level. Only WD01 & WD03 successfully worked at the sales order line level.

In the shipping point we have below attributes configured.

Shipping point : 3200 Germany HO, DC & SC Duisburg

Factory calendar : 01 Germany (Standard)

Working times : DE WORKING Germany General Shift

Determine load. time : A (Route dependent)

Det.pick/pack time : A (Route dependent)

Can someone please help me to sort out this issue? Did I do something wrong in above configurations?