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May 18 at 10:21 PM

Unknown discount in sales order for Customer Checkout


error-con-producto-hamburguesa-cco.pngHi Sap Experts,

I would like to know if anyone is aware about this behavior in customer checkout. Currently, when my client tries to fetch a sales order from SAP BO to SCCO, if the order includes a product with tax exempt, the product automatically is calculated with a discount as you can see in the attached picture, this behavior only happens if the product is fetched in a sales order, if we try to sell the product in a normal sale, the mentioned discount is not calculated. In SAP BO the sales order does not have any discount, i tried to reproduce the error in SAPBO copy the sales order to sales invoice, but the discount is not fetched neither there.

I appreciate if someone knows what can be the root cause of the unknown discount

Thanks for your help