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May 19, 2021 at 12:45 PM

Stock migration WM to EWM - Download from SAP WM legacy without Business System Connection



We are in the process of implementing EWM 1909 embedded on S/4 where warehouses that were on SAP WM will be implemented in EWM.

Regarding stock migration, EWM gives the possibility via the transaction /SCWM/MIG_STOCK to download stock from SAP WM by connecting the business system, and uploading the stock into EWM.

For technical constraints, we can't connect to the legacy business system which means that we need to perform the stock download from SAP WM manually.

1.What is the best way to perform this stock download?

The reason I ask is because to upload the stock to EWM, the CSV file structure is quite complex with multiple lines (and different POSTYPE) to be written for each stock that needs to be uploaded (different HU, Serial number, etc.). Creating a custom program to re-create such complex structure might be difficult & prone to errors.

2. In case of manual stock download, which table should be considered?

From our research, LQUA table seems to contain most information, but I couldn't find serial number information. How are we able to know in which bin is which serial number from SAP WM perspective?

Thanks for your help!