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May 19, 2021 at 03:46 PM

Mobile Development Kit (MDK) : inspect ILODATA DB


Hallo MDK Experts,

i try to inspect data in ILODATA DB because get some issues with update and deleted Entitys.

I have DB local at my pc and use mdk 5.2.1 Tool/ilodata but can't open the db.

what it did wrong, i have already the latest mdk release ?!

(db is unencrypted)



./ilodata store_name=LOG_MDE001-003 

Interactive Local OData Tool Version 5.1.12 

The store state has changed to 'Opening' 

The store state has changed to 'Error' 

[-1050] Failed to open the Offline Store.  Reason: [-10186] This store cannot be opened because it was created by a newer version of the software.