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May 17 at 07:21 PM

EWM Warehouse Task Confirmation for Restricted Batch in Quality Inspection pending UD


Hi Experts

Please advise on below scenario.

Scenario : Finished product was received using MIGO of Process order and batch was created in restricted status. The MIGO receipt Created the inbound delivery. On EWM side the Warehouse task was created successfully with Inspection lot but when I try to confirm the Warehouse task it says

No goods movement posting possible, product XXXX batch XXXX 'not released'

Message no. /SCWM/DLV_BATCH207

Is there a config. on EWM side to allow the WT confirmation of Restricted batch to final destination bin


Do I Wait for Quality team to perform the UD and change the batch from Restricted to Unrestricted and then confirm the Warehouse task to final destination bin.

PS: I have already completed the config in

SPRO-->SCM Extended Warehouse Management -->Cross-Process Settings --> Batch Management --> Batch Management --> Define Setting for Delivery - Warehouse Request and Define Setting for Warehouse Task Creation activated the goods movement for restricted batch

Thanks in Advance.