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May 17, 2021 at 12:42 PM

How and where exactly are rights to delete comments in WebIntelligence administered?


My customer come up with a problem: He tested comments in webi - so far so good - works. But he could not delete them. I tried to reproduce on a test system. I found explicit delete rights in the ACL. Dis-abled them there explicit -but it took a while (restarting services; pc in the end) to get the desired result -inability to delete a comment. I gave back the right - but the ability to delete the comments did not come back - restarted testserver... nope.. added the rights explicitly - the same the end I needed to put the user into admin group to be able to delete a comment in a new testreport -still unable to delete in existing reports... So now I am stuck. Bo Version: 4.2 Support Pack 7 Patch 5

Any Idea how to manage these rights to delete bo comments ?

Comments welcome! ;-)