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May 11 at 03:54 PM

JCO with SNC Kerberos encryption and single sign-on


Hello everyone.

I hope you can help me with this.

We have a java application that uses JCO to connect to our SAP Backend. In order to secure the communication, we want to extend our current feature to use SNC with Kerberos to encrypt the communication and enable SAP single sign-on.
As per our investigation, there is not any updated step-by-step guide or documentation that explains the possibility to achieve this using JCO. We found a KB which explains SNC using sapcryptolib (as and another one with stated that Kerberos library (gsskrb5.dll) is not supported anymore by SAP ( Therefore we haven’t reached a conclusion.

Is it possible to use Kerberos with JCO to encrypt or for SSO?