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May 11, 2021 at 08:41 AM

SAP Predictive Asset Insights - Creating Measurement Data

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does anyone know how to format the body of the POST request for inserting measurement data on SAP PAI. Below are the references of the documentation:

It is not clear to me:

- how to send multiple measurements

- how to associate the timestamp with the measurement

The goal is that of the example -> send multiple temperature measurements with relative timestamp

POST /api/v1/measurements/equipment/{equipmentId}/template/{templateId}/indicatorGroup/{indicatorGroupId}

body: [{

"temperature": 38,

"timestamp": "2021-06-05T08:15:27.432Z"

}, {

"temperature": 40,

"timestamp": "2021-06-05T08:15:30.324Z"


Also is necessary to have a custom timestamp indicator or the API can manage automatically the timestamp of measure?

Documentation is unclear about request formatThank you in advance