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May 14 at 08:00 AM

By product and co-product costing allocation to Main item in SAPB1


Dear Experts,

We have SAP Business One 9.3 version . We use production module . We have following case and need solution.

We produce steel item FGA using steel coils ( RM1) and we generate steel scrap(Scrp1) as byproduct or co-product. We have made BOM with parent item as FGA and child item RM1 and Scrp1 as child as negative qty. The scrap item valuation is taken as Standard. But during the production, the whole RM1 cost is apportioned to FGA item and scrp1 will be valued separately . Though accounting wise this value sit in a variance account , we want the value of the scrap shall be minus from the FGA cost at the time of receipt from production. Can anyone help us in this. I have elaborated this with an example in the enclosed file .


Please help us if any workaround solution is available


Yogish Shenoy


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