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May 11, 2021 at 12:02 PM

Issue when paging or export to pdf, Java SDK 12.0



we create the reports with Crystal Reports 2013 or higher. To show the reports in our Web-Application, we use Crystal Reports for Eclipse (Java SDK).


Eclipse-Version Neon.3 Release (4.6.3), Build id: 20170315-1500

Java JDK 1.8.0_60

Tomcat 8.0.26

Crystal Reports for Eclipse SP27 (CR4EMIP27_0_80004572)

Crystal Reports Java SDK (12.0)

Because there is no Flash available any more, we moved to the newer service packs of Crystal Reports for eclipse, newest, what I found SP 27 (27_0_80004572).

Since that time we have almost every day customer calls, because one of the reports doesn't work. That problem never appeared with the older version with Flash, so I think it's a bug in the newer version. The reports, where that happens are all invoice-types and other reports, which have a lot of subreports included. For example one of the incoive-types is a composit of 17 subreports. Not all of the subreports have always data and depending on the settings for printout, not always every of the subreport is printed, unless there are data or not.

In some cases, when one of these reports are printed (not always), report creation failes.

Its depending on the data and where the page change happens.

(1) Selection of prompt inputs always works

(2) Creation of report and showing first page in viewer works

(3) Paging thru the report pages works only till there is a composit, where page changes and Viewer can't calculate und create the next page. In that case, the page stays where it is, the in progress window is shown and you can hear the system is working hard and it's running in an endless loop.

I think regardless, if paging or exporting to pdf the same program routines are used, because, when trying to export to pdf the same error appears.

This happens in the servlets of the Crystal Reports for Eclipse Framework, so I don't have any chance to fix the problem and I need your urgent help.

Nearly every day one of our employess works the half or hole day only, to get a printout for the reports, where customers can't print. The fix is, to find the place, where printout hangs, change the hight of rows on some of the subreports, so page changes on another place and to try againg, if the printout can be done. But that is only the fix, for the special case, may be in another case, you have to change something else, because you have always different number of rows, datas, etc..

Note: we and also our customers have license to use crystal reports.