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May 07 at 07:13 AM

SAP Marketing Cloud - Using channel affinity to calculate "Preferred Communication Channel"


Hi community,

I was wondering if anybody already created a calculation for a "preferred channel" of a customer. For example with a logic of calculating affinities per channel, compare them and use the biggest value.

Of course the calculation of all channel affinities have to be fair (only relativ values or plain customer attributes as foundation).

I think thats fine for email, sms, push. More challanging would be print, but when there are success measure coming back from print (used voucher codes, registrations) that

In the end I would recommend to use this kind of attribute "preferred channel" only for enriching campaign communication, for choosing a channel per customer exclusivly to prevent bigger losses.

I have already searched the community but only found:

which does not gave me the inspiration I hoped for.

Any experiences or ideas you have to share on this topic?

Many thanks in advance, best regards, Stefan