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TVARVC vs SETLEAF - For custom application value maintenance.


I have list of values to be pulled from various applications with different conditons. Each value has its application area as top node. For example,

Value = ABC

Area = Sales

Value = XYZ

Area = Services

As I said earlier, I want to pull all values in Application A, want to pull values of area Sales in Applicable B. And, business may come up with more values in future.

I want to leverage SETLEAF or TVARVC to maintain these values.

Question is, in TVARVC if I maintain area name in paramater name (which has scope to modify or new values in future), my query that is intended to pull all areas may not work. I need to try something like below to pull all records with area like 'App_%'

Area = App_Sales, App_Services

I am not liking this approach as it doesnot look clean to me.

How about using SETLEAF here? Can we use SETLEAF for custom application parameters? If yes, should I go for multi-dimentional SETs here?



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