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May 06, 2021 at 11:38 AM

Transaction ME2N using multiple selection parameters


Hi all,

I have used ME2N in SAP ECC for a while now and run into an issue. Hope you can help me.

When I use the selection parameters it works fine when I use a single parameters (e.g. WE102 and RECHNUNG). However, when I use a combination in the selection parameters, none of them are applied anymore.

Using my own examples, if I use WE102, I get a list of orders where the goods have been delivered. If I use the parameter RECHNUNG, I get a list of orders where the invoice is not yet received.
When I use this combination I would expect te get a list of purchase orders where:
1. the goods have been delivered
2. there is no invoice posting.

However, when I use the combination, it gives me everything, no filter applied at all.
For me it's the first time using a combination (I tried a few other combinations and each time same, filters not applied).

Is there something I missed for this kind of combination to work? Hope someone can help me with this.