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Feb 19, 2017 at 07:41 PM

WD ABAP - Message Area not usable in a popup view


Dear experts,

I'm stuck on a problem which I have urgently to overcome.

Dealing with SRM 7.0, I have to introduce some custom checks in a view used to add bidders to an RfQ. These checks are in a certain way intermediate controls that I supposed to introduce by mean of a couple of pre/post exits method on the view.

The view is specifically V_DO_BIDDER_SEARCH_C, and I can't explain why each message I add is not shown in the view itself, but in the parent view (the one from which the popup has been generated). This behaviour does not let me provide evidence of the errors before going back on the caller view.

I tried almost everything:

  • added the messages to the message handler;
  • generated a message from the message manager;
  • Created a new MessageArea (statically) in the view by means of an enhancement and then retried both the methods above.

Nothing seems to work. It seems that this V_DO_BIDDER_SEARCH_C view can't have a Message Area (even if I explicitly add it).

Any help will be highly appreciated since the question is becoming really urgent.
Thanks a lot!