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May 03, 2006 at 07:16 AM

create long texts for service orders


Hi ,

I’ve been trying to identify how to create long texts for service orders and have not come up with anything.

The following FMs have been identified




CREATE_TEXT looks like it calls the other two.

Essentially we are uploading long text into service orders.

I’ve been trying to manually run these FMs but still haven’t been able to create a long text. We need to be able to create a long text for a service order that doesn’t already have a long text. Therefore there won’t be any entries in STXH or STXL which I believe is where they are stored.

Created a new service order by going into IW31

Order type, Plng Plant ,Sold-toParty ,Mn Wk ctr and


This created a new Service Order without a long text. To find out how the long text affects the table entries, I changed service order with some long text and saw the entries created in STXH or STXL. For some reason trying to re-create using the FMs does not work.

Pls help me to complete this issue.

What parameter need to be passed to this FMs.