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May 03, 2006 at 02:27 AM

Detecting portal version from....


Hello, its me again with the same problem of all my threads.....not good solution found yet...but i got in this oportunity another question, my scenario is the follow: i got a url iview who calls a web template who start a bsp app. the question is: there is some way for capture in the url iview the portal version, then pass it (via url i guess)to the web template and then pass it to the bsp app. If i try to capture the version in he bsp app directly, always get me the value 0.0 and its obvious coz' i always start the bsp app outside the portal through the web template, but i just want to know if in the url iview i can capture the version, i imagine that pass it through the query string its as simple as put it in it as a parameter. I hope anyone answer, i will give a lot of rewards point who help me ;-). Thanx in advance