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Feb 19, 2017 at 07:25 AM

MRP Run should not consider PR/PO with future delivery date.


Dear All,

Kindly clear me with this scenario.

For a particular Raw material (RM1) already PR or PO for 100 kg exists with delivery date on 01.05.2017. But we run MRP for FG for february month and we need 50 kg of same raw material (RM1)..So system should consider the requirement only for February month and generate PR for 50 KG, because we need it for producing now this month. System should not remain without generating PR for february,analyzing that ok already a PR/PO exists with 100 kg for May,then why to generate PR. It shouldnt do like that. It should generate a PR for february month. Because we cant wait for the delivery of material till May.

How to achieve this.. ?

Kindly help me with it..!