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May 02, 2006 at 02:46 PM

Error when displaying a field on Screen with Table Control



It is going to 'Dump' when I am trying to display data on the screen with the help of Table Control. From the dump, What I have observed is , there is a field 'ZTSV_FSRDATA-ANZFEHLER'. If this field has negative value, then it is going to 'Dump' saying that the length is not enough. If it has a positive value then it is working fine. But the type of the field in the Internal table & on the screen are same.

Please help me to resolve this error.

I am posting here the Dump message also:

A conversion error occurred while the program was trying todisplay data on the screen.

The ABAP output field and the screen field may not have the same format.

Some field types require more characters on the screen thanin the ABAP program. For example, a date field on a screen needstwo characters more than it would in the program. When attempting to display the date on the screen, an error will occur that triggers the error message.


Sreenivas Reddy Maddi.