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Hello Experts ,

I am looking for a solution for a FMCG company and the scenario goes like this :

Restriction: There is a tube that sends product to a lines and the speed of tube is 15000L/min. There is no option to change or turn of one lines. The first line has capacity of 7000L/min for SKU A (200ml) and the second line has capacity of 8000L/min for SKU B (1L). When there is demand for SKU A and there is a lot of stock for SKU B, APO is going to suggest production for SKU A only (the SKU that we had demand).Although, the business need to take a decision of producing SKU A to attend the demand and increase the stock of SKU B or do not produce SKU A (do not attend the demand and do not increase the stock of SKU B). Everytime that I was an APO suggestion to produce SKU A, SKU B should be produced too (and vice versa).

What all master data setting needs to be performed in APO so that even there is demand APO should suggest the plan for other product.

Thanks in advance



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