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May 02, 2006 at 02:13 PM

logical operator 'like'


I have a small query where I have to retrieve vendor details not including the vendors starting with '9'.

I have written the below query for that.

select b~lifnr " Vendor number

into corresponding fields of table gi_output_vendors

from lfa1

where lifnr not like '9%'.

But the output I am getting contains vendor numbers '0000950000' where I wanted to eliminate these type of numbers also. i.e, I don't want to consider leading zeroes.

So, the below code I have written for that.

The problem is with if condition or delete statement 'like' logical operator is not being allowed.

loop at gi_output_vendors into wa_output_vendors.

shift wa_output_vendors-lifnr left deleting leading '0'.

if wa_output_vendors-lifnr like '9%' " didn't work delete gi_output_vendors from wa_output_vendors where

lifnr like '9%'. "didn't work



When I use 'like' with 'if' condition or 'delete' statement, I am getting error saying that 'Like operator is not allowed'.

How could I deal with this situation.

Thanks in advance.

Vishnu Priya