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May 05, 2021 at 10:47 AM

Monitor Payment’ App did not change status to completed



Customer has an issue on Fiori app ‘ Monitor Payment’ that even though customer received the bank statement data for payment sent from bank in the form of CAMT053 file, the payment status in ‘Monitor Payment’ fiori app does not change to ‘completed’.

Scope included Advanced Cash Operations (J78) and Bank Integration with SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity (16R).

For payment, customer’s business case does not have outgoing payment account in place that when they create payment document, they clear open AP against main bank account.

So when electronic bank statement is processed, posting happening is just to put the same amount to the main bank account both sides(debit, credit) to make the transaction balance zero.

Please advise the technical requirement for Monitor Payment app to change status to completed.