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May 03, 2021 at 04:21 AM

S4HANA Integration with SharePoint using SAP PI.


Dear Expert,

I've a requirement as below from SD module:

After a sales order has been created, an output type will be automatically created. The output type will then trigger a adobe form to be created and the form will be sent to SharePoint via SAP PI.

I've done some research on how to post files into SharePoint in the following blogs:

  3. Working with folders and files with REST | Microsoft Docs

However, most of the blogs looks like it is suggesting to have a file to file transfer. I'm thinking, instead of the ABAP is generating an adobe file into the AL11 directory, would it be possible if the ABAP program directly call the S4HANA outbound service interface via ABAP proxy and send the data in the form of binaries?

Would SharePoint be able to convert those binaries into the adobe form? I've tried to configure this in the receiver channel but the file is corrupted in SharePoint. I could not find any documentation on the binaries conversion in SharePoint documentation. Can someone please advice me if this way is possible or it must be a file to file interface in order to achieve the requirement?