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Apr 28, 2021 at 08:00 PM

Add Custom Fields to Shipment Processing (VT01N-VT03N)


We have a requirement to add 10 new fields to the shipment processing transactions (VT01N, VT02N, & VT03N). They will all be header level attributes that will be included as part of table VTTK. It appears SMOD enhancement MV56AINI (function module exit EXIT_SAPMV56A_004) may be the only way that SAP has provided for this kind of enhancement to the shipment maintenance transactions.

I have reviewed the suggested approach supplied via our community pages (, and do not have a clear understanding of how best to proceed. It seems as though the solution outlined is missing some critical details. Can anyone provide a link to more detailed information with regards to how to implement MV56AINI?

Kind Regards