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Apr 26 at 12:33 PM

Make Outbound Deliveries Editable again with external Warehouse

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Hello everyone,

In our current implementation project with our customer, we have found that in some cases the delivery that has already been distributed has to be changed.

It is an outbound delivery that was created using a normal sales order. The delivery is sent to the external warehouse system and in the S / 4HANA Cloud we only receive the confirmation of the the GI. (Scope Item 1ZQ)

The picking etc. takes place in the external warehouse system. Usually this process works fine and no action is required. But sometimes we have to change the delivery after it's been distributed. The root cause can be deverse but in our case it is really time critical.

It is not possible in the standard system because the outbound delivery has already been distributed and is therefore blocked for editing. In the old R3 system it was possible to remove the indicator that the outbound delivery was being distributed, and then it was possible to change fields as would be possible without distributing the outbound delivery. Unfortunately there is also no way to manipulate this delivery via API or something like that.

- Have you ever processed such a request?

- Is there a solution for such a situation?

- In discussions with SAP, we were told that there is no plan to provide a possibility to make distributed deliveries changeable. Would this possibility bring advantages for your S / 4HAAN cloud system?

I would be very happy to receive feedback on whether there are solutions or whether the need for such a functionality would also be helpful for you!

Thank you in advance and best regards,