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Apr 20, 2021 at 06:46 AM

Sybase ASE 16.03 ODBC crypto provider issue


We have been using ASE 16.0 SP3, and had been using the 15.7 client to connect via excel vba.

Due to security requirements, we have removed the 15.7 client and installed the 16.3.006 SDK, and encryption enabled.

We are now unable to connect to servers using the excel files. We are also unable to create a DSN entry.

I've created a new DSN entry, enabled the 'Use SSL Encryption' option, and entered the location and file name into the 'Trusted File' setup.

Now, we are receiving the following when testing the connection:
[SAP][ASE ODBC Driver]The crypto provider encountered an error while setting the certificate authority list.

Is anyone able to advise how to correct this, and also, any example vba code for getting excel to connect?