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Apr 15 at 12:24 PM

Moving container components not possible?

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I have developed a dashboard with multiple different views which are separated in tab's of a tabstrip component.
The layout inside the tab's has been set up using panel's and gridlayout's.
Now I would like to reduce the components in the application and decided to put the content of each tab inside a panel and place this panel's in a hidden area (panel) of the dashboard.

I created an array with the config for the different views (which panel's in which constallation) and create dynamically the required number of blocks in an empty adaptive layout. After that I only wanted to move the selected panel's in the created blocks.

But when I try to move the panel's in the blocks by using "AL.moveComponent(i, PANEL_1);" I get the following error:
Cannot convert from "Panel" to "Component"

My question:
Is there any solution to move panel's (or other container components) into block's of an adaptive layout?
Any other way to achieve this?

Thanks and best regards