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Apr 10, 2021 at 01:09 AM

SAC - How to reuse and schedule refresh on existing stories (created via drag and drop)


Hello Experts,

We have a quite a few stories created by our FP&A user group, via drag and drop of local files (excel and csv). We have a requirement to reuse these data and if possible connect BW system for schedule refresh.

We understand that below are the limitations, which kind of sad as some of these stories are well designed on already cleansed data -

  • We can not schedule refresh. So we are looking for other options to convert them into models.
  • Only way to facilitate schedule refresh from our BW4 environment, if we build the entire setup from scratch.
  • We can not convert them into models based setup. We can not use stories as data source to a model.
  • We can not link data (residing in these stories) to other models (other way around is possible).

I already checked couple of Q&A threads and everywhere it is mentioned we can not schedule and we can not convert.
Wanted to check if there is any workaround to reuse data from these wonderful stories.