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Apr 06, 2021 at 07:22 PM

Assign DataSource with initial view in script



I have a dashboard in Lumira Designer with multiple KPI tiles. Each tile is an instance of the same composite and gets assigned a DataSource by the dashboard application using the following interface function setDs(I_ds):

compositeDS.assignDataSource(I_ds.getInfo().system, DataSourceType.QUERY, I_ds.getInfo().queryTechnicalName);

After this command, the composite can use the DS. However, I configured an initial view for the DS in the dashboard app, and this view is being ignored by the composite. I tried to change the second parameter to DataSourceType.VIEW, but this results in errors and the DS not being loaded at all. I was unable to find any example of assigning DataSourceType.VIEW online.

I'd kindly appreciate any suggestions on how to transfer the initial view to the component.