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Apr 05, 2021 at 05:25 AM

Staging error while deploying Angular Application on Cloud Foundry with nodejs buildpack.



I want to deploy my Angular Application with on-premise(ABAP System) as backend to SAP Cloud Foundry.

My manifest.yml file looks like this.

- name: app-angular
  memory: 512M
  disk_quota: 1024M
  instances: 1
  buildpack: nodejs_buildpack
    - destination_service
    - uaa_service
    - connectivity_service

I am using cf CLI to deploy the app.

When I execute 'cf push' command, I am facing this error:

-----> Building dependenciesInstalling node modules (package.json)

Error staging application: App staging failed in the buildpack compile phaseFAILED

Can you please help me resolve this error. If its related to node version, please let me know how to determine the correct one.