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Apr 02, 2021 at 07:22 AM

result of heuristic run is not what is expected Frozen Horizon for Tranpsort


Hi experts,

I would like to ask you the way to configure frozen horizon for transport properly.

I am personally trying to configure it but it works on a different way I expected before.

I am gonna show you the settings i have done one by one.

First I set 10 for the value of Frozen Horizon in Location Product MDT as follows

Second, I configured Excel UI and set 100 for the value of Minimum Transport Supply and Minimum Transport Receipts so that the output KF of heuristic, which I assume as Transport Supply/Receipts, would be 100 during the frozen horizon.

and I run Heuristic.

But the problem is, even though I see heuristic runs without any error or messages, the value of transport receipts/supply does not change at all. I guess I should have done another setting but I have no idea regarding it. So Plz help me get an expected result. Thank you.

The Best,

Kenta Kono


rbi1a.png (10.3 kB)
tgbz6.png (36.6 kB)
k0dje.png (74.4 kB)
suo7e.png (35.1 kB)