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Apr 28, 2006 at 02:15 PM

How to generate SAP_MANIFEST.MF using Ant



I am trying to migrate a J2EE application to SAP j2EE Engine from JBoss AS. We already have an extensive Ant build file that builds .war for Tomcat, .ear for JBoss etc. I would like to modify this build file so it can also build a .ear for SAP.

I have spent quitte some time browsing the forums and I saw some suggestions that there is an Ant task that I could use:

However, I cannot find this class in SDM.jar of SAP 6.40... Has this class been removed? Am I looking for it at the wrong place? Is there a better way to build an ear for SAP? I don't want to use the SAP build tools because we already have a working Ant script and we need to support multiple application servers, not just SAP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (and rewarded with points :).


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