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Feb 17, 2017 at 07:49 PM

Connecting two BW systems to one sap portal


Hi All,

We have two bw systems lets say BW1 and BW2 .Two Java stacks for each system and one Enterprise Portal .

Since Portal will consider only one BW system as master system so we made BW1 as master system.

All Iviews and KM content for BW2 system were created on BW2 Java stack and integrated them in main portal as URL Iviews.

Our client doing migration or up-gradation very often.

Recently we are moving to SDDC environment,when Basis copied existing system to new sddc enviroment ,we need to change the host and port for each URL Iview .

Now we have completed dev and need to go for QA,two times for Mock and finally production.

We have around 1000 plus reports,its time taking and lot of manual efforts required every time.

Thanks for reading my issue .

Any thoughts to automate this process will highly appreciated.