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Scheduling from Favorites using server ODBC connection

BO 4.1 SP 5 Crystal 2013

Scenario: BOE server has DNS entry for an ODBC connection to a SQL Server, with a system account. named for example Pickle. (Prod BOE points to prod database, Dev BOE points to Dev database). The physical name of the database prod server is Pickle\prod

We do not have Single Sign On.

End users have local DNS entries created (they do not have admin rights to create their own) called Pickle-Test, and Pickle-Prod.

End users save their Crystal report to their favorites. (because I, the mean old administrator only lets them save there) They have 'Full Control' security in their Favorites.

When they go to schedule the report, the Database Logon screen has only 'Pickle-Prod' under the Data Sources, and does not allow them to change the Database Server field. Fun fact. If you click in the Database Server field, and hit the backspace, it blows you all the way out of BOE.

Other than creating a new DNS entry on the server called 'Pickle-Prod', what are my options? I do not want to give casual users access to a Public folder (where I can use the CMC to update the default connection). Is there some sort of security setting in BOE that I can tweak? Is there some setting in the .rpt that can be set?

Thanks for following along.


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2 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 17, 2017 at 09:25 PM

    Firstly I presume that you mean DSN and not DNS.

    As far as I understand, you want to modify the Database server name in the Database Logon section, however you are not able to do so.(Those values are being picked from the information specified in the Database Configuration of the report. Only Username and Password are enabled for editing. So you will have to modify the DB Configuration for the report in CMC to reflect it in the Database logon field.) Also this will not be done on a per user basis as the ODBC that it picks is from the server box and not the ones that the end users create.

    So if Pickle-Prod is the ODBC DSN used for the report then it needs to be created on the BO Server for the reports to run and refresh successfully.

    End users creating local DSNs is not required here unless the users are trying to open the report from CR Designer and refreshing. If the users are viewing/scheduling the reports from BI Launchpad then the ODBC DSN on the server box will come into picture.

    Creating a DSN entry on the server box is the only way.

    Hope this helps!!



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  • Posted on Feb 20, 2017 at 06:03 PM

    Drats. Thanks for the answer. That's what I thought. I wish the Server box on the schedule screen didn't *look* like you could change it but you can't.


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