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Mar 25 at 04:38 AM

DMO System Move - SUM uses Source Domain Sap Service User in Target Local Installation


Dear Experts,

I am currently doing a DMO CUUC with System Move from MSSQL to HANA. SUM was started in target PAS after initial transfer of SUM. SUM was able to detect the new host as the target host and continued with phase HOSTCHANGE_MOVE. It asked for the information on target such as PAS instance number, profile and now checking the HANA db user store using the <DOMAIN>\SAPServiceSID user of source. Target PAS is not added to domain and is a local installation. This check is failing. Is there any file in SUM directory that can be modified so it will use the local SAPService user instead ? Is it necessary for SUM system move that target system PAS also belongs to the same domain as source? SUM used is SUM 1.0 SP26.

If below command is run manually with local SAPServiceSID it works but SUM is using Source SAP service user. There is no option to change the Service user or domain in SUM utilities only the password. Also, based on the Environment dump logs, SUM is able to obtain the environment of target host, and details are correct.


EXECUTING D:\usr\sap\SID\hdbclient\hdbuserstore.EXE -u <Source Domain>\SAPServiceSID LIST DEFAULT Error 91001: System call 'LookupAccountName' failed, rc=1332:No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. SAPup> Process with PID 2744 terminated with status 1 !

Appreciate any advice. Thanks.