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Mar 23, 2021 at 01:47 PM

SAP GUI 7.60 crash - maintaining longtexts (office integration)


Hi. We have just upgraded to SAP GUI 7.60 patch 5 and we are experience that the SAP GUI crash when users are maintaining longtexts (e.g. in IA05 or ME21N) using the MS word integration.

We have been in contact with SAP and they state that when users want to do these longtext maintenance, then they should close down MS Word before going in to the transaction.

For us, this is a 'workaround' as users often have to copy some text from a MS Word document in to the longtext. The recommendation from SAP is then, that they should copy the text in to notepad first.��

Have anyone else experienced this problem and what solution are you using (if you have solved it)?

SAP is referring to SAP notes 159499(point 13) and SAP notes 176642 as why this is happening. Even though the notes are from 2002/2003 SAP claims they are still relevant.