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Mar 19 at 09:25 AM

Few questions on Amazon Alexa channel for SAP CAI


Hi CAI experts,

I have below questions on the channel as Amazon Alexa in SAP CAI.

I am able to connect to Alexa and initiated a test bot with greetings & joke.

1. How can we use SSML in our requirement. example : I want to get the status of the order number 0710005678 (or) use the entry #order-number as requirement ?

how can we use AMAZON.NUMBER or "outputSpeech": { "type": "SSML", "ssml": "<speak>This output speech uses SSML.</speak>" } in SAP CAI?

whether the custom message allowed to use this?

2. What is the recommendation on SAP CAI to connect to amazon Alexa in productive environments? would like to know more on security perspective.

3. How can we make sure that all other default intents of Alexa not triggering for our CAI bot.?