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Mar 21, 2021 at 06:34 AM

can i apply sha-256 in sap abap user password ?


Hi everyone.

We use ecc 6.0 and here is sp level information.

SAP_BASIS 700 0029 SAPKB70029 SAP Basis Component

SAP_ABA 700 0029 SAPKA70029 Cross-Application Component

SAP_APPL 603 0000 Logistics and Accounting

Kernel Version : 7.20

We want to apply SHA-256 algorithm for sap abap user password according to notes 2076925.

I think sap kernel version is high enough but it doesn't work inspite of applying parameter.

"login/password_hash_algorithm = encoding=RFC2307, algorithm=iSSHA-256, iterations=10000, saltsize=128"

Is there anything to check ?

Regards, Arnold.