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Mar 19, 2021 at 07:49 AM

IT_KEY does not contain the right guid in Association Class



I'm working with an FPM with 2 BO's. To go from BO 1 to BO 2 I'm using an association class. I go from a List Guibb in BO 1 with lead selection to a List Guibb in BO 2 by use of FBI View. All data is retrieved by wiring, no adjustments on the data. This is working fine.

Now I want to adjust my data in the List Guibb from BO 1, because I have to filter the amount of records which are shown, I don't need them all, just some of them.
I'm doing this in IF_FPM_GUIBB_LIST~GET_DATA from my FeederClass of the List Guibb in BO1.
I marked ev_data_changed = abap_true and I even marked ev_selected_lines_changed = abap_true.

Now there's something funny when I arrive in my method of the association class.

In it_key I don't find the guid from my selected record anymore, but the guid of the record that came in my ct_data as the first record, even if it is filtered and not shown anymore.
When I start clicking around in the lead selection everthing works again just fine. It's only the very first time, when he arrives in my method of the associaton that it_key does not contain the correct guid, it's the guid of the first record in ct_data, but I filtered this record away.

Does anyone recognize this problem?