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Mar 18, 2021 at 11:31 AM

How to identify invoice approval and remove payment block in sap


Hi genius,

I am confused about how to identify 'invoice approval' and 'remove payment block' in SAP.

I assume that we could get invoice blocked items from RBKP_Blocked table, if the items are removed from blocked table that means they are approved, does it make sense? Or we have some other indicators in SAP to identify whether a doc is approved or not?

For 'remove payment block' I assume we could use payment block key (BSEG-ZLSPR). But I am not sure, if all items with a not-null-payment block key mean they are blocked, because I found that not all of items in T008T mean "block", they have also something else, e.g "loans". So I assume if ZLSPR changed from "not null" and the corresponding text with "block" to "null", it means payment block removed.

Please correct me, thanks a lot!

Best regards